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CMC S32 32m Spider Lift

Our most technologically advanced aerial lift. The S32 is the new standard in this size class, offering features that no one else in the world offers.

This is the only articulating and telescopic lift in this size, capable of articulating and telescoping at the same time. Equipped with one articulating and two telescopic lower boom sections, one articulating and one telescopic upper boom sections, movable jib and 180° rotatable quick connect 1.70m basket with up to 220kg basket load.

The S32 offers greater manoeuvrability and “up (17.5m) and over (16m) capability”. Additionally, this lift is also capable of reaching negative 3.5m below grade. Compact travel dimensions of 1.97m x 1.56m x 7.78m (HxWxL) and height adjustable tracks allow egress in the most difficult of situations, including travel on steeper slopes by lowering one track assembly and raising the other. Quiet diesel engine/380v electric hydraulic power pack is standard. Also available with hybrid power source. The S32 is one of the best performers and value available in the world today.

CMC S32 Spider Lift

Compact Dimensions:
A BIG Spider Lift, with compact closed dimensions.

CMC S32 Spider Lift

Boom Configuration:
A double articulating/telescoping boom design, with jib and basket rotation.

CMC S32 Spider Lift

220kgs Basket Capacity:
A generous basket capacity and size, with 180 degree basket rotation.

CMC Spider Lift Extending Tracks

Extending Tracks:
Hydraulically adjustable height & width track system.

CMC Spider Lift Self Control System

Easy to Use Control System:
CAN-BUS technology, for ease of use. Including auto return to ground and work position memory functions.

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  • Max working height: 32m
  • Max working outreach (120kg): 16m
  • Max edge of basket reach (220kg): 13.2m
  • Max basket capacity: 220kg
  • Jib movement: 140°
  • Turret rotation: +/-200°
  • Basket rotation: +/-92°
  • (P) Max slope to stabilise: 8.3° / 15%
  • (W) Max angle approach: 16° / 29%
  • (X) Max travel slope: 19° / 34%
  • Max travel speed: 1.24km/h

  • (A) Basket height: 1.10m
  • (B) Basket width: 0.70m
  • Basket length: 1.70m
  • (D) Total length: 7.78m
  • (F) Height in driving position: 1.97m
  • (F’) Height in driving pos. (tracks raised): 2.35m
  • (G) Total width (tracks raised): 1.90m
  • (G’) Minimum total width: 1.56m
  • (G”) Total width (one track raised): 1.73m
  • (H) Ground clearance: 0.42m
  • Tracks (LxI): 2.45 x 0.32m
  • (J) Max longitudinal stabilisation: 8.53m
  • (K) Max cross stabilisation (DX): 5.41m
  • (K’) Max cross stabilisation (SX): 5.14m
  • (M) Med cross stabilisation (DX): 4.61m
  • (M’) Med cross stabilisation (SX): 4.39m
  • (N) Min longitudinal stabilisation: 6.52m
  • (O) Min cross stabilisation (DX): 3.80m
  • (O’) Min cross stabilisation (SX): 3.56m
  • Stabilisers plate: 0.24m

  • Total weight: 7,280kg
  • Max pressure on the foot : 9.69kg/cm²
  • Max pressure on the track: 0.95kg/cm²
  • Max pressure in travel: 492kg/m²
  • Max pressure in work (4 feet open): 206kg/m²
  • Max pressure in work (4 feet closed): 224kg/m²
  • Max pressure in work (2 feet closed + 2 feet open): 185kg/m²

  • Engine: Kubota diesel
  • Electric motor: 380v electric hydraulic power pack

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Narrow Stabiliser Setup

CMC S32 Spider Lift

With the ability to setup stabilisers at wide, narrow one side, or narrow both sides and a minimum setup width of 3.56 metres.

Innovative Boom Design

CMC S32 Spider Lift

A double articulating/telescoping boom design, with jib and basket rotation gives maximum flexibility. The S32 can also reach below ground level.

Simple Control System

CMC S32 Spider Lift

Simple and intuitive controls, for ease of use and maximum productivity.

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